Emerald Apostle was raised all through Southern California by two loving-post-revolutionary parents. He currently lives in San Diego, CA, where he constantly works at coming to terms with the biggest forces in his life growing up: family, religion, history, music, Kung Fu, moving constantly, and a passion for the fast life. Emerald spent many years promoting events and performing as a rapper throughout Southern California and Georgia. While working towards his creative ambitions, he simultaneously worked for a large corporation and eventually got married.  After dealing with a series of unexpected deaths, Emerald came to the conclusion he had to stop running from who he was and finally live up to what he had become, a writer. This revelation compelled him to make sure his life’s work would touch more than just the bottom line of corporate America. With a renewed sense of purpose, he began to write about race, culture, politics, and following your dreams in uncertain times, plus whatever else came to mind. He is currently working on a comic book and a novel.