10 Ways To Succeed in 2015 And Beyond

This year is just like any other year unless we make it different. Resolutions that peter out after a couple of months seems to be the most consistent thing in many people’s life. If you truly want to make a difference in your grind in 2015 these tips will help. So cheers to having something to celebrate in 2016. Happy New Year everyone!!!! 

1.       Automate bills and savings. Doing this regularly will do way more than simply improving your credit score. It will save you time by taking an everyday task completely off your to do list. This in itself is golden. On top of that you are getting your savings up with minimum effort on your part. Pay yourself and your bills first and even if you’re broke you are not behind. And that’s the first step in getting ahead.

2.         Write a bucket list. If you haven’t already do this immediately.  Writing down what you want to accomplish before you die can be one of the most powerful experiences you may ever have. It will show you in your own words really who you are and what you aspire to be. With a consistent commitment to achieving your dreams nothing can stop you. On top of that you will feel a strong sense of accomplishment knowing exactly where you intend to take your life.

3.       Commit to 5 things you will accomplish this year. There are always millions of things vying for your attention. Some you want to focus on others serve no other purpose but to consistently pull you away from your dreams. The good part about it is you have the choice of what to do. And if you choose five things to totally hit out the park. You will accomplish way more than most of the people you know. This works best if you limit the exposure and time you spend on everything that is not on your agenda for the year. I promise you will love the results.

4.       Start a business plan. Sometimes all it takes to push your passion forward is to write it down. If you have been struggling with starting a business, for whatever reason, make this your first step. If you are passionate about your idea this could give you the fire to go ahead and run with your dream. But most importantly it will allow you to see in writing how attainable your dream really is.

5.       Be a student of all you do. I call this the “if” factor. If you have to dress why not were the best and most stylish clothes you can buy?  If you are going to eat why not consume the healthiest food you can to nourish your body through the day? If you are going to work why not be present in the moment and give 110 %? Why not excel at everything your boss asks of you? By being a student in all you do you are, first, always growing in every aspect of your life. Second, you are telling the world to expect nothing but the best from you. Setting the standard for what you can in return expect from the world. And third, why would you want to be anything less than the best that you could be anyway?

6.        Expand your thinking with new experiences. We lose so much of our potential by not gaining new experiences to sharpen it. If you do the same things not only will you get the same results but you will not grow. And that is the beginning of your decline no matter what you are doing. By continually challenging and changing the things you believe and do you become stronger. It broadens the scope of the perspective and understanding that you bring to the table. This will always give you an edge over most people you encounter. You will be able to see things and make connections those who just stay in one lane never will. Sometimes that makes all the difference.

7.       Volunteer. One of the most overlooked facts about success is that the more you give rather its time, value, resources, etc…, the more you get out of life. It is truly one of the greatest blessings in life to have the ability to use your expertise and experience to change the world. Our true value comes from what we give of ourselves to the pursuits we engage in. This value is multiplied when those pursuits have benefits beyond our personal gain.

8.       Take time for family. Never get to busy to take time for the important things in life. Spending time with family and friends are the important things. It’s good to take a break from the grind to really take in and enjoy the reasons you’re working so hard. This will help keep everything in perspective. And in the end perspective is what life is really all about.

9.       Take time for yourself. While you’re taking time out for the people that matter most to you make sure you take care of yourself as well. If you are going all in on your dreams you can burn out really quickly. Don’t let that happen to you. Find the time to enjoy the things, outside of your grind, that make you happy. In the end isn’t that what it’s really all about anyway?

10.   Be grateful. Nothing is ever the best it could be, it never will be. You will be tested many times this year. And many times this year things will go exactly as planned. The moral of the story is it is always the best of times and the worst of times but being grateful will give you peace through it all. Gratitude will help you hold steady through the turmoil that is certain to come. In the end even if everything doesn’t go as planned we have another day to get it right. At the very least be grateful for that.