Life is an awesome distraction. The key is to multitask in between Instagram flicks and Facebook updates. 

To tweet or not to tweet? We are not birds and the words we choose to serve shouldn't be half-cooked. It's unsafe for human consumption.

There are so many beautiful words in the dictionary; why choose the ugly ones?

James Baldwin once said, "Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up."

I am almost grown. Just need to learn patience. 

I chose to live by the reminder I wrote on my kitchen wall, "why wait?" There are only so many breaths and heart beats. However, the virtue of patience cannot be managed in a vacuum. Sometimes it's 3rd and 15 with the clock running out, down by two touchdowns. 

When you have 11 larger than grown men snarling and chasing you out the pocket, the duress forces us to make quick decisions. It transcends rationality. It prompts the emotional brain to activate. Some places demand emotion. 

Have you ever had the announcer commend you for being all over the field? Only a few know what that feels like. Troy Polamalu, Junior Seau, Ray Lewis always took control of the field while their teammates couldn't make it to their destinations. 

I know I appear all over the place. :) It's because the words "why wait" are imprinted on my eye lids every time I blink. I love to design clothes. I love to analyze complicated situations. I love to bridge the gaps between the haves and the have nots. I love to make people smile and laugh. I love to make people feel loved, especially women. :)

The rush I receive from the crowd when they get "it" is amazing. The laughs I hear when a joke is felt make echoes in my head. The finger snaps that follow a line that Casanova would've plagiarized is arousing.

People always tell me I am all over the place. Well my dreams are Omni-directional. My momentum gravitates towards ambiguity. I can't wait. 

There are only so many breaths and heart beats.

So next time you want to tell me to stay in my lane, just remember, I am in the business of building freeways. What lane is that? 

I have California freeways and they are always gridlocked. So I dip in and out of traffic, sometimes riding in the shoulder just to get where I got to go.

Patience? Fine, I will learn it. I am learning.

Spurgeon Thomas

Urbanity Life, LLC, San Diego, CA


I am a #writer#businesssystemsanalyst, and #projectmanager, specializing in community improvement and creative project management. @urbanitylifesd