Are You Worth 10%

As Americans we specialize in spending. Decades of depressed world markets trained us to have our way with a dollar. The downside is that every party comes to an end. Ladies and gentleman we may be at the last call.

If the party is indeed over the questions is what's next? Unfortunately I don't have the answer. What I do have is common sense steps that can insure we can enjoy the after party. The first of which is "simple but not easy". Save 10% of all your earnings.

Think about this Americans savings rate fluctuate between 2 to 6 percent of income. China is at 30 percent. Any questions why there buying and investing in so much of the world. With just a minor tweak in our mentality we can make big gains.

These gains could eventually lead to security, investment opportunities, and most importantly peace of mind. What more can you ask for out of life? Nothing is guaranteed except change. But change can work for us or against us, we have that choice. Now tell me our you worth 10% ?