7am movie - Opening MLK Weekend, 2015 in New York and Select Cities Nationwide.

Opens MLK Weekend!!! Check it out.

Uncovering the needs of the most vulnerable people, involves root-cause analysis of their true problems. I began trying to figure out why so many people that looked like me, a dark skinned American, were struggling so hard to make a decent life for themselves. My diagnosis is racism.

The hand that I have been dealt to play this game includes the card we have been trained not to pull; it keeps surfacing to the top of the deck. 

I used to engage in debates with co-workers as to why dark skinned Americans were so unsuccessful. I struggled with my arguments. In my heart, I knew that the people I grew up around and who I am related to were skilled, had knowledge, and abilities that most of the time were far superior to the "successful" people at work. I used examples of police officers pulling us over far more often leading to resentment and distrust of law enforcement. I used examples the effects of slavery has on our current broken family structures. But, my intuitions were only half-truths.

The more I researched, I started to notice that the system may indeed be set up against us. It pushed me towards the teachings of Dr. Henrik Clarke, Dr. Claude Anderson, and Dr. Umar Johnson.

If the race card being pulled explains the nature of the problem, then what is the solution? The following trailer is for a documentary that aims to do the very thing my curiousity and quest is compelling me to do. Check out the video. 

Visit http://www.7ammovie.com/ for more information.

Spurgeon Thomas

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