Cycle Control


Men control money.  

Women control men.  

Money controls women.  

The man that controls his money controls his women. 

The woman that controls her man, controls his money.  

What's your cycle control? 

I challenge you to save one penny today by physically dropping the penny in a container. Then tomorrow, drop twice as many inside. Then the day after that save twice as many again, doubling the amount for 10 days.  

Day one: $0.01

Day ten: $5.12

When you finish day ten, you should have $10.23 in your container. Now:

   - deposit money in bank

   - start cycle again

   - move to $0.05 when ready

   - move to $0.10 when ready

Rinse, wash, repeat, and control your cycle.  



Spurgeon Thomas

Urbanity Life, LLC, San Diego, CA


I am a #writer#businesssystemsanalyst, and #projectmanager, specializing in community improvement and creative project management. @urbanitylifesd