Simple but Not Easy: 3 Steps to Financial Freedom

My father has a habit of repeating his self a lot. As I get older I realize how much of my fault that really is. Moral of the story don't be me. I'm not your daddy so I'm only going to say this once. Setting yourself up financially is simple, but its not easy. These 3 simple steps will help you at any stage to  advance to the next level in the game.


1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST- I don't mean the car dealership, department store, or the strip club. That is not paying yourself, that is rewarding yourself. You should save 10% of what ever you bring home to make your future brighter. Even if your in debt. Emergencies happen, life happens and if you have nothing saved more debt happens. If your really about that life you have to think beyond the moment.. Life may be tough now but with the right moves todays pawns are tomorrows kings.

2. INVEST IN YOURSELF- This is the reason you get yours off the top. No matter what else your doing with your money (paying of debt, daily expenses, partying) you have to invest in your future. With that 10% your putting away your going to actively look for ways for your money to work around the clock. Remember if you have to actively work to make money your not fully taking advantage of the true power of every dollar you earn.

3.STAY OUT OF DEBT- The problem with debt is most times its not used strategically. 9 times out of 10 your paying for something that is costing you more than your getting out of it.  That is always a suckers game. I want you to expect more from your money. It should be worth more than `face value. That is why we invest to get to most out of every dollar. Pay 17,000 for something worth 10,000 is a waste of your resources. Society makes it hard but society is also broke. We are not going to be the average.

Masters these steps and you will grow your wealth. Remember knowledge is dollars

Stay up, and Stay blessed