Gaining Experience and Losing Interest

My good friend Odessa Oda and I discussed becoming attorneys back in the day. I planned to study Finance in undergrad and then go to Law School. After a couple semesters of Finance, I learned that money is a figment of our imaginations. Just numbers on a page that cause tangible things to happen. I hella lost interest. While I was majoring in Creative Writing, I didn’t like what the professors were teaching me. Then one teacher gave me a B on a paper that IMHO was super dope (intentional contradiction). I was like this B#$*! is tripping.

I lost interest.

I’ve never been motivated by money.

Even when I set out to make 6 figures before turning 30 the legal way (which I did), I wasn’t motivated by money. I just set an arbitrary figure and found a way to accomplish it.

I motivate myself by jumping head first into things to prove that I can do it. That’s it.

Once I figure something out and prove that I can do it, I usually lose interest.

I remember jumping into the swimming pool during the Navy’s basic training not knowing how to swim. Once they fished me out and stopped me from drowning, they taught me how to swim to pass the test. The next time I went swimming was off the coast of Hawaii, when I dove into the ocean off a pier over some jagged rocks because someone dared me. We were faded doing dumb stuff in the pitch black darkness of night.  After hitting the water, I swam back to the shore as fast I could so I didn’t get swept out to sea. Obviously, I made it.

I haven’t gone swimming again. Not interested.

My bucket list is soooooooo long.  I’ve learned that no matter who we’re or where we come from, we can accomplish ANYTHING. My bucket list includes things like becoming a published author and a movie director. But you want to know what I will probably die trying to accomplish? Freeing people. The only time I feel like fighting for something is when it includes my self-respect or an injustice to an innocent person. For the most part, I am an even keeled dude.

The moment I feel like someone disrespects me or someone that doesn’t deserve it, I BLOW THE F’ UP!!! I give freely, so why would someone want to take advantage of that? Why steal charity resources? Why put people down? Why judge others?

 I know correcting racism is a GOD-SIZE problem that frequently stresses me out because it’s so complicated. But it is one fight, I don’t mind having. I’m just figuring out how to work smarter and not harder. The first step is to free myself. Then, I will gladly show others the way. Then hopefully one day I can lose interest.



Spurgeon Thomas

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