Lobster Roll Anyone?

In my quest to find the best of the best of San Diego's fine dining experiences, I never thought I'd find such an outstanding lobster roll in a liquor store. Yes, you read that correctly. I’d like to formally introduce The Alaskan Seafood Connection, located just inside Conner Liquor in the North Park Area of Central San Diego.

I know, I know…. you find yourself thinking "he's such a gentleman, so refined an aficionado of the highest order...Why would he indulge himself with such a delectable treat in a corner store?" In all seriousness the short answer is I have been less than impressed with some of my other lobster roll experiences. Moreover, I find that one tends to stumble upon the finer things in life when they are not even looking for them.

As I slowly walked in to survey my surroundings, I saw what I expected to find in a corner store. To my left I saw various sundries, drinks, spirits and beer. I looked to my right to see a set 20- foot refrigerated cases. I peered closer inside and spied beautiful fresh filets of cod, crab legs and whole lobsters. What have stumble upon???

As I took a moment to look over the hand written menu board, I found myself getting more and more excited to see a variety of more than reasonably priced items I would not have minded trying on for size. But who are we kidding, as the title of this piece suggests, the lobster roll was destined to be the star.

I ordered and received my dinner in about five minutes, allowing me time to peruse the store's extensive craft beer selections. I decided to stay and eat right away, so I headed to a little dinette outside the store, and by the light of the Neon Moon (North Park Sign) on Adams Avenue, I enjoyed my freshly prepared lobster roll.

The lobster filling was treated simply with a little mayo, salt and pepper just to bind the mix, allowing the lobster tail and claw meat to remain the focal point of the dish. Of course the "roll" in a lobster roll is very important as well. This sandwich did not sport the traditional east coast style split top bun (which I enjoy); this west coast incarnation's bun was buttered, grilled nicely and of course tasty. The addition of iceberg lettuce and bread and butter pickles on the side provided just the right amount of salty, sweet crunchiness the sandwich needed to round out the dish.

At a little over $12.00, I got an outstanding fresh lobster roll and a soda. I recommend this hidden jewel to those who would like a great seafood meal at a fantastic price in a thriving neighbor. The Alaskan Fish Connection (619.281.3086) is located at 3355 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 92116. They are open late, until 10pm most nights, except Sunday. I invite you to take a little time and drop in and/or let me know where your favorite spot is. I'd love to check it out.

Bon appetit...

Randy Tone