Spent: Looking for Change

I don't have to tell you to tell you how much a challenge making it is in this day in age. We have more than enough news and personal experience to know for a lot of people life right now isn't a walk in the park.

I've learned a long time ago that the decisions we make are not in a vacuum. They have real world repercussions. Some of which we don't see for years. And while we are responsible for the life we choose, the life we lived is what usually dictates our choices.

Sometimes our best isn't good enough.Sometimes what your were taught just won't work in the world you find yourself in. Sometimes you just have to survive.

Spent: Looking for Change is a documentary about what people are doing  just to get by and the companies that take advantage of them. It has multiple perspectives that demonstrate how close so many our to the edge and how easy it is to fall off.

I love the fact they don't make the people they our documenting in this film victims. There gladiators fighting in the collisuem to a packed audience. An audience of  Payday/ title loan companies who watch with glee as they dangle the carrot of freedom to keep them fighting. At the same time throwing  extremely high interest rates and fees to make millions, while keeping them enslaved. But thee gladiators fight on because at this point winning the match is the only hope they have left. And I'm rooting for them.

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