Police Kill More Than Terrorists

US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11

REST IN PEACE MICHAEL BROWN!!! How do we prevent this from happening again?

There are so many young dark skinned people that have died unjustly by the hands of law enforcement that we all have become slightly complacent and desensitized according to ANSWER — an advocacy group that asks the public to Act Now to Stop War and End Racism. 

Recently I spoke with a law enforcement agent asking her to give me some pointers to tell our young, dark skinned, and male readers how to avoid cops escalating their use of force during a "routine" stop. 

The cop, who hasn't given me permission to use her name says:

"Here's my honest take based on my experiences. First of all, not all cops are bad/racist/assholes looking to beat a young kid they stopped for j walking... but those do exist...we've all seen the vids. Just like every black man in America doesn't want to be treated like a suspect or criminal...every cop doesn't want to be treated like one of the dudes that beat Rodney King. You the person who was just stop for a basic traffic violation doesn't want to be slammed on the hood of a car...I the cop don't really want you talking to me or approaching me like I am the jerk that last slammed you across the hood of the car. My experiences with stopping young people is that immediately I the cop am wrong just for turning my lights on...as if I've stopped them for absolutely nothing (most cops aren't gonna give up their livelihood for a total stranger)...soooo they speak to me as if I'm victimizing them by doing my job. I am a person! Even in uniform. I am a caring person, I interacted with the public I serve just as I do my friends and family...so if your approach in dealing with me is to act as if I am violating your civil rights for stopping you for your busted tail lamp then know this...I have a trillion ways to do my job ranging from cracking a joke or telling you things will get better all the way to skipping the ticket and taking you to jail (tickets are in lieu of going before a judge). You the person I stop dictates how I do my job. With the oath I took I was granted discretion. I know that no one likes being stopped. I the police officer expect nothing more then the common decency I extend to the people I encounter... So often in the black community we teach our children that police are bad and it's acceptable to disrespect them when contacted...so often I stop young black men that won't even look at me when I speak to them. As a mother of two boy, black boys...that breaks my heart! My boys I pray will be men! Men that are strong enough to be accountable for their actions and respectful enough to look anyone in the eye when they speak to you. Bad cops pass their bad experiences down to rookies, criminally minded people pass their bad experiences down to their babies. Sorry so long...this is a dynamic I've been studying for a little while."

The peace officer in this case is believable, but what about the eye witness account of Michael Brown's friend, Dorian Johnson?

Unfortunately, I notice much more coverage of the riots and looting that are taking place in response to the murder of Michael Brown. But what about those at home, on their porch, protesting from home?

Check out this video which shows a tear gas tank fired into a crowd of people in their yard.

The media has done such a great job of helping us to forget the tragedies such as the burning of Tulsa Oklahoma (aka Black Wallstreet) in 1921.

We can't dress differently, act differently, or listen to music differently. 

We can't prevent the media from portraying us as criminals and derelicts. We can't stop the perpetuating fear that is ingrained in the heads of the privileged folks watching from their couches.

We can't make worldstarhiphop.com stop posting violence and further desensitizing the genocidal attempt we are witnessing.

We can't make First 48 show the correct proportion of violence in the country per racial iota. 

We can't make everyone read Powernomics by Claude Anderson to learn the secrets to stopping police brutality begin with economic empowerment.

So what can we do to prevent our young men from being killed for no reason? We need to focus on the future generations and set them up for economic success. Money buys politics, police protection, and the laws that these groups enforce. There isn't any amount of marching that will stop police from brutalizing anyone.  

When I asked the cop what she will tell her son, who happens to be Black as well, to prevent  getting hurt by police officers, she responded, "You can't always avoid...I will tell my son, act normal, speak normally and respectfully like you would anyone else. If he or she is a POS, we WILL report it and we will see the investigation through. That's how we create a record of the crappy cops and weed them out. We (my family) don't accept disrespect, but we also don't just disrespect people based upon their occupation."

I suspect, that won't work either. smh


Spurgeon Thomas

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