Are Black Men Scared of Doctors?

Recently, someone asked me “why don’t Black men go to the doctor?”

I can only speak for myself and won't answer for all Black men.

1.       It’s my belief that the health system in America is more of a medical industrial complex that is overrated and ineffective. When I feel pain, they prescribe Motrin. When I have an infection, they prescribe antibiotics. When they can’t figure it out, they experiment. Why go? I can do all of that myself at home.

2.       Black men in America have been poked and prodded as experiments by the medical industry since the age of slavery. We have always been victims of European Eugenics. Doctors like Thomas Parrin and James Marion Sims and their families have become wealthy and famous for scientific racism disguised at medical treatment and research.

3.       Free experimental surgeries are conducted on us.

4.       Vaccine testing on us.

5.       Tuskegee experiments that resulted in the neglect of Syphilis patients that left their bodies debilitated.

Pretty much, our history with the medical industry equates to Social Darwinism gone bad. Now, I suspect more foolery with people being flew in infected with Ebola. I’d much rather take a more holistic approach, like those offered by Dr. Llaila Afrika or Dr. Sebi.

Check out Dr. Llaila Afrika's book, Nurtricide to learn bold insights into holistic health and clearly is a brilliant fire for African nutritional liberation.

Also, check out Dr. Harriet Washington's Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present. 


Spurgeon Thomas

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