The four "S's" a lot of people never put together. One of which, a good 85% play with or never speak about. Today, let's talk about it! Before we break down why living and dating in this beautiful city of San Diego, I'd like for you all to take the "blame game" out of your minds. No pointing of fingers because "he cheated" or she was a "hoe". Baby he cheated with you so you should've seen that one coming. Sweetie she was a hoe when she was with you so I think you get the idea. Listen people! The time has now come to take full responsibility for our actions and outcomes. Be Smart! Oh yes the first S!

A great majority of people in America have gone back to school to achieve a higher education. Those people have paid a good penny to achieve their goals. Now as goal oriented and higher achiever a student is why can they not apply that same motivation into their love lives or dating? I can think of one or five reasons but I'll give you two. The first being "the work" has now turned into "ease". If it's available to you why work for it? Women have made it to easy for men and men know nothing about waiting on a woman or being a gentlemen because now it's called "thirst". The second being their saving themselves for the right person.

Being Saved and Dating is probably a topic that is never talked about. I believe you do not have to be a virgin to save yourself for the right person. Ladies, you cannot want to be a wife giving wife material to every man you let in your house. Men, you cannot expect every woman you take to Applebee's for a "two for twenty" meal to sleep with you. Furthermore you should not want a woman who will get in your bed after that. Stay true to your faith as well. Never turn your back on what you believe in so someone will except you. That road is a dead end. 

The third "S" is an easy one if you know what you're doing. Sexy, is a required "S" across the board. Be aware of your sexy though, because you can cross into "trashy" if you're not respectful. Men, a sexy man isn't always a half naked man. He's a great communicator, opens a women's door and respects her opinion. He dresses well, smells good and isn't discussing what he can do to her in bed.

Sure a woman can put on sexy, but what does her mind say after she applies all the sexy? Is she using improper language? Not sexy! Ladies!! A drunk woman isn't sexy. A foul mouth woman isn't sexy. A "bad bitch" ... Not sexy! What are you about?

Lastly, being Single in San Diego isn't that bad, if you're focused. Do not ever get so caught with being in a relationship with someone you loose focus. It seems lately everyone is in such a hurry to "not be alone" that more people are coming out broken and breaking others. Date by all means, but don't sell hopeless dreams to that woman, and don't fall head over "heels" for every guy who takes you out.

Ladies and gentlemen over all PROTECT YOURSELVES!! Mind, Body, and Spirit!

I'm Bonafide and I've "clearly stated it"

Thank you for reading and God Bless