Ladies, You Need a Man With A Regular Size Penis.....

Ladies, you need a man with a regular size penis….


            Ok, ok, ok…I will concede on this one.  I come from the wide swath of men who fit into this category but there is far more than meets the size, I mean eyes.

            A recent story I believe puts this into perspective, I am sure most if the viewing public is familiar with Jeremy Meeks, you know the felon who’s mug shot was recently plastered across all forms of media because he looks like a gangsta Calvin Klein model.  In spite of the overwhelming fact that I am quite the straight Black male, the brother is handsome.  As a result women have been swooning in droves, literarily providing him with sexual treatise strictly based on his mug shot, yes his mug shot!


            This folks brings us to the thesis regarding penis size, it’s not actually about penis size.  Mr. Meeks has become the poster-boy of this hyper-sexualized culture we live in; our society has placed emphasis on the size of the inconsequential.  The large falace for our intents and purposes is representative of the female pursuit of the temporary for permanent purposes, the emotional in spite of substance and the illusion instead of the tangible. 


  Let’s not discuss the physiological effect of penis size in human sexual intercourse because the “depth” provides little relief over the long run.


Just for a second ladies, do you remember him? 


Do you remember how you felt?


Do you remember how young he made you feel? 


Do you remember how alive you were when he touched you or how every nerve ending in your body seemed to respond to everything about him, even his thoughts? 


How about that feeling, that feeling of weightlessness just after intimacy? 


For the vast majority of women that had very little to do with penis size, it was actually about the intimacy.  Women and men are much alike in that regard whether we care to acknowledge it not, the appreciation and fulfillment in sex has less to do with the anatomy of your partner and more to do with how you FEEL and what you THINK about the anatomy of your partner; but more importantly how you FEEL and THINK about your partner. 


 Ultimately sexual satisfaction is tied to intimacy, consider many but not all break ups; the situation where you just physically stopped responding to your partner, his penis size didn’t decrease but your appreciation of it did.  Often when we fall out of love we often fall out of lust as well; often we like someone so we like the sex as well.


Where I am going with this?


 It’s not actually about sex, this is the point we often gloss over.  When you ladies go out looking for a mate consider what you’re actually looking for.  Symbolically women equate the size of a man’s penis with his manhood when it’s not the manhood you’re looking for, you’re looking for the man!  The whole point is that I want you ladies to really think about what you want in a man.  Mr. Meeks simply provided himself as a case study, it is likely women were as attracted to his physical features i.e. complexion, blue eyes and skin color as they were to the toughness in his face and the implied toughness of the eye-drop tattoo and implied toughness of a mugshot.  There is a subconscious attraction to the degree of masculinity that these messages convey, these messages in connection create a mental penis size image for some women. 

When this image arises certain questions should arise with it: What does he truly have to offer? 

What will be present after the sex?


Does the size of the penis equal the size of the man that you want? 


My theory is that women seeking the symbolic well-endowed penis lose track of the men who are well-endowed in more substantial aspects of his life?  For example, when was the last time you thought to yourself damn he has a great big…. job? 


Or, my goodness the girth of …his love for GOD can more than satisfy me? 


The size of this man’s ability to protect, provide and nurture kids and a family can keep me fulfilled for life?  Having trouble remember the last time you said that? 


Don’t worry, I will wait…still waiting….waiting…my point exactly.


Now once most of you realize you probably haven’t uttered anything remotely resembling those words, consider my words, ladies you need a man with a regular size penis. 


You just might need a man whose value to himself and to you is not predicated on his penis being above normal.  You just might need a man whose ambitions for life and family are above normal.  I am not suggesting you pursue a man with a micropenis (yes, such things do scientifically exist), but a man who is a more complete package and not simply one with a package.


This psychological affliction seems to disproportionately affect the Black community, the Black male has become the ultimate sex symbol and as much as our ego loves it, this fact is not what’s best for our community or our women.   Being a sex symbol, a sexualized-being implies frequent and constant willingness to have sex which we Black males have all too commonly decided to make a reality instead of fantasy.  This is only a brief sidebar regarding the Black community because most other ethnic groups have succumb to some degree to this fallacy of worth.

At some point ladies I have a challenge for you, find a man that is constantly looking to improve himself, capable of providing for a family, is a STRONG, capable and intelligent man; and tell me two things is the sex not fulfilling over a longer period of time and doesn’t that regular size penis just seem THAT much bigger?  Food for thought.


                                                                                                H.S. Clarke, MPA