Money over everything?

Are drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, and strippers Conservative or Liberal?

Are Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card swipers Conservative or Liberal?

Are government employees or military personnel Conservative or Liberal?

The popular phrase “money over everything” resonates across urban communities around the country on a daily basis. Is money really the most important measurement of success for the people who say so? The term is most notably heard by rappers. Most rappers are young and dark skinned people that come from poverty where money is under everything. The phrase has more Conservative undertones than Liberal.

Does this just imply that there are many different beliefs in urban communities?

Let’s compare the two most popular polarized perspectives on economics.

Liberals believe in a market system in which government regulates the economy is best. Government must protect citizens from the greed of big business.  Unlike the private sector, the government is motivated by public interest.  Government regulation in all areas of the economy is needed to level the playing field.




The problem with this kind of thinking is that leveling the playing field requires education and opportunity, not public assistance.

Conservatives believe in the free market system, competitive capitalism, and private enterprise create the greatest opportunity and the highest standard of living for all.  Free markets produce more economic growth, more jobs and higher standards of living than those systems burdened by excessive government regulation.

Do most of the people you know have Conservative or Liberal beliefs?

Do you prefer money over love?

Do you prefer money over family?

Do you prefer money over freedom?

Do you prefer money over happiness?

Do you prefer money over understanding?

Do you prefer money over you?

Spurgeon Thomas

Urbanity Life, LLC, San Diego, CA


I am a #writer#businesssystemsanalyst, and #projectmanager, specializing in community improvement and creative project management. @urbanitylifesd