Drag Queen Comedy and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Tre Melvin has become a very popular online comedian by dressing like loud obnoxious women. His youtube channel has 2.5 million subscribers. That means there are a lot of people in the world that are entertained by his preferred choice of drag queen comedy in the same tradition as other dark skinned male comedians have in the past. But where does this desire to dress like a woman and be perceived as a sex object by other men stem from?

Flip Wilson acting as Geraldine Jones

Usually, when I see one of these tasteless videos on my newsfeed, I usually keep scrolling. However the epidemic is extremely wrong when modern day kids become familiar with these drag performances and voluntarily repeat the behavior. The language and stereotypes used are enough reason to condemn the genre. The ramifications are interesting. Should I care that some people are so thirsty for attention that they must behave in manners that demean themselves and other groups of people by feeding into the stereotypes that cause those groups to be overlooked for employment, prejudged as angry black women, or just loud mouthed ghetto heathens? No, this is not about the continuous bash of the dark skinned American woman. However, that practice is equally sinister.

Tyler Perry acting as Mabel Madea Simmons

The human race needs men and women to have sexual intercourse in order to further populate the earth and move our societies further along in development. Societal norms have determined gender specific behaviors and customs in order for the procreation to occur. Dignity and decorum are necessary within our communities for the purposes of civilization and communicating on common grounds. We should not offer our dignity in exchange for social media likes.

Eddie Murphy playing Rasputia

Do people who dress like opposite genders try to mask who they really are because they’re not comfortable with the appearance of themselves when trying to get certain messages across?  Or has the residues of human trafficking been so infused in our genetic psyches that we choose to find love in all the wrong places?

I’m not referring to Cam Newton wearing Capris to his press conference recently.

Cam Netwon wearing Capris during press conference

This observation stems from the curiosity of why someone would want to look like the stereotypical representations of opposite sex caricatures. Yes, some women dress like men and vice versa, but when they change the inflection of their voices and intentionally disguise themselves as stereotypes, I question their behavior. There are countless drag bars across the country that put on performances of men dressing and acting like women for the sake of “entertainment.”

Keenan Thompson playing Virginiaca

When you think of how detrimental Black Exploitation films have always had on the perception of people in our communities, one must seriously come to grips that this phenomenon will also lead to misunderstandings in external communities that don’t understand the history of pedophilia and early gay liberation. One reason I have a problem with the stereotypical loud mouthed black women drag queen is that majority of the self-respecting and beautiful women I know don’t act like Tre Melvin does in drag.

Martin Lawrence playing Sheneneh

There is no neck rolling, finger snapping, blonde hair wigs, or foul language coming from a good amount of black women. For the black women that do fit the description, I assume that it’s a rebellious response to cultures that constantly tell them that they’re not as pretty, worthy, or coveted as ladies that look nothing like them and or have opportunities they haven’t been afforded. The counter-culture that exemplifies women being obnoxious and sociopathic is constantly under attack by people who wish to prove that their lives aren’t as important or valued.

Jamie Foxx playing Wanda

Has our society reached a point where in order to be relevant or entertaining, one must make themselves look like fools? Are we lacking love so much that we are willing to go to extremes to get people to like us? To love us? To lust after us?

The historical facts are slave masters in the past used to dress little slave boys up as girls with make-up and earrings for the pedophilic purposes. They would sneak to areas of the plantation where the little boys were being presented as sexual objects. These effeminized black male youth were pimped to other pedophiles via human trafficking. This European worship of adolescent men can be traced further than the transatlantic slave trade to the Greek mythologies of Zeus’ sexual conquests.

Art depicting Zeus and his boy toy Ganymede

Zeus would engage young men, like Ganymede, in sexual orgies. The practice and perversion never stopped. The fascination of feminizing young men for sexual gratification should cease and isn’t found to be funny for everyone.

The more feminized Black men there are in the media, the more sexually aroused certain groups of people become and the more the perspective of dark skinned men in this country is diminished in the eyes of the world.


Hey, Tre, that shit isn’t funny, homie.


Spurgeon Thomas

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