Reclaiming Our Community

Two weeks ago a friend from back in the day challenged me to renew my commitment to the community. In the wake of all the things that have been going on nationally and internationally I felt compelled to see what's really going on.

Those who know me well understand how hard it is to box my thinking in to any particular category. I've been pretty good at pissing off pretty much everyone I've ever known at one time or another, it's natural, and I tell it how I see it.

That being said I'm not going to lie, the idea of marching seems futile to me. I feel it accomplishes nothing of substance in a world deeply in need of it. So many times it seems there is movements of the moment, from the ALS challenge, Ferguson, to Free Palestine that die in direct correlation to the media attention paid to said cause.

My friend who told me about the Reclaiming Our Community march is someone I know to have a long running and continuous commitment to shaping our world for the better. That held a lot of weight with me because I know his commitment is unquestionable and untied to the camera. So I put my reservations aside and showed up and I was impressed with what I saw.

I saw San Diego, in all its colors and persuasions together as one. This was important to me because I truly believe if we are to really reclaim our community we must become one. No matter what we believe we have in common that we are sharing the same space. This by default makes us tied to each other whether we like it or not. The concern for each other is what will makes us great because no matter what were not we are definitely communities, and that is worth reclaiming.

The next march is at Dennis Allen Park in Mt Hope. The details are on the flier.