By Odessa Oda


Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Writer: Rick Famuyiwa

Starring: Zoe Kravitz, Forest Whitaker, Keith Stanfield and Tony Revolori

Dope is a film about expectations and what happens when you don't live up to them. Teenagers growing up in Inglewood California are suppose to be into to gangs and gangster rap music while drinking forty ounces of old E, right ? So why in the hell do these kids start a punk rock band and idolize 90's era hip hop? Even though theyadmittedly want more than a big booty chick; like 2chainz there different. And they pay the cost for being odd. 

Outcasted and bullied at school and their community from the gatekeepers of cool, gang bangers and atheletes, they know they will never be accepted. They don't slang crack rock or have a wicked jump shot; but they have other. The group of like minded friends helps them cope with the world there not totally a part of and it works cause their all they got. Until its not.

A chance encounter with a local drug dealer, played to rave reveiws by ASAP Rocky,  allows them the chance to be the insider. Something that every kid wants but few actually achieve especially when you stand out like Shaq in a police uniform. The question becomes what would you sacrifice for the admiration of your peers. In high school the answer is usually a whole lot.

This is the the world of director Rick Fumiyawa's latest film. Most popularly known for "Brown Sugar" and "The Wood" he brings us another coming of age tale in the age of hip hop. And he is back in his beloved Inglewood. The city you can tell has had a big impact on his life. This is his first film since Our Family Wedding in 2010 and from all the buzz he is back in rare form.

This film after its premier at The Sundance Film Festival in January sparked a huge bidding war that ended up with a 7 million guaranteed pay day and and additional $15 million P&A (Print and Advertising) budget  courtesy of Open Road Films and Sony Pictures. Tentative release date is sometime in June of this year.