If It Is Important To You........

This is something life has taught me to truly believe. I've talked about the importance of what we truly want on many occasions because I see this as the number one road block that keeps people away from their dreams. So many times a lack of success is really a lack of will. Sometimes the things we say we are pursuing don't match up with what we really want out of life. We may fool ourselves but what is truly important to us shows in the decisions we make every single day of our lives. Unfortunately too many people are simply lying to their self about their priorities.

 It is hard for most people to admit they would rather watch television then work on the life of there dreams. No one wants to say It is more fun to eat whatever you want than to diet and exercise for a healthier and longer life. And how many people don't have time to learn anything but can be found on any given Sunday watching football all day? There is nothing wrong with enjoying life, all things in moderation, but if you want an existence different than what you have at this moment right now something has to give. And it has to be you.

Make your dreams important; and fill your life with the passion of the pursuits that will turn your dreams into reality. This act alone will change you forever I guarantee it. It is not a promise that you will achieve everything that you pursue. But the life you choose will make you the person you’ve chosen. And you no longer will have an excuse for why you didn't do something. You will only have a list of the all the things that you have done.