The Greatest Pleasure In Life

By Odessa Oda

It's amazing the number of people who will do their best to shoot down any dream you share with them. These snipers are hiding waiting for your passion to get right in the middle of their cross hairs and then; ready, aim, fire! Most times they are camouflaged as friends and family who want the best for you and are only being realistic. It really doesn't matter what they say, the end result is a lot of ideas killed way before their time. Don't let that happen to you.

The best way to prevent attack is to be unpredictable. This doesn't mean to be unreliable it means to be unconventional. Average is wack and nothing to aspire to. But it is the lane most people find themselves stuck in on the highway of life. Going nowhere fast, just waiting impatiently in traffic trying to get the same destination as everyone else. You get there quicker in your own lane if your just willing to move over to it. Do it now; don't worry about the glares and horns beeping at you. You have places to go.

And when you get to your dream destination; dodging the snipers and getting out of the slow lane. It will be one of the best feelings you’ve ever had in your life. You will be happy, not because you proved the haters wrong, but because you proved yourself right. And in the end that is all that matters.