Losing Our Religion: So What Do We Teach Our Children?

There is nothing like having kids to really find out what you truly believe. Before kids you can have half baked theologies and false logic because no one is checking you on your ish. Your drinking buddies don't care if you’re Muslim. The people that you play ball with are not hounding you to go to church on Sunday. You can have a vague agnosticism and not really be called on what that really means. Trust me on this; children will question everything.

They will go to school and find out about what other families believe and do and they will want to know where they fit into this universe. So now you find yourself explaining why as a Muslim you go to happy hour after work and don't make Salat. They'll want to know why Sunday is filled with everything but remembrance of God. They will hound you about what it really means to not believe in God. Kids will keep you honest.

And honesty will make you a better person. A more realized person. And what could be better than that?

Losing Our Religion: So What Do We Teach Our Children?