Bruce Lee TV Show In Development

Director Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow, Fast and Furious Franchise) has been developing a project based off notes for a television series martial arts icon Bruce Lee was working on. The TV show has been picked up by Cinemax. It is crime drama that will be called Warrior.

The series is about a morally questionable fighter who life falls into a crisis after he is unable to execute his long-term plans for revenge against an old enemy. Bruce Lee worked on the project in the early '70's as a western but Warner Bros. and Paramount persuaded him to re-tool it as a more modern tale. The studios were tentative about green lighting the project due to their concerns about Lee's accent. Then the series Kung-Fu came out using some of the same concepts and the Bruce Lee project was put on hold.

Years after his death Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon found her father's papers and notes on the project and partnered with Justin Lin's Perfect Storm Entertainment to work on the material. It will be the first project to come out of the Perfect Storm's TV division. It is written by Banshee co-creator Jonathan Tropper and the pilot will be directed by Justin Lin. Shannon Lee will be on board as one of the executive producers.