'Fear The Walking Dead' Premiers In August

Robert Kirkman takes us on another look at the world after walkers, this time in LA, in the new series "Fear the Walking Dead." The first Season of six episodes will launch in August.

The show is set to launch two months before the season 6 premier of "The Walking Dead" a great way to get ready for one of the top shows on television. The specific premier dates for both "Fear" and "Walking Dead" have not been announced but Kirkman, the creator and executive producer of both shows, let the August date "cat out the bag" during a "Fear" Q&A session with Fangoria

Kirkman also stated the new show is being shot digitally so it will have a different look than "The Walking Dead,” which is shot on film. "Fear" which is set in the early days of the zombie apocalypse will be more chaotic from the get go.

We are looking forward to see if this show gets it right. They definitely have a lot to live up to.