5 Reasons Every Business Needs An Enemy - The Bigger, The Better

As entrepreneurs, it’s in our DNA to see every problem as a challenge. It presents an opportunity to build a business around solving the problem. It’s why I get so excited and energized talking to entrepreneurs about their businesses.

However, after hearing startups discuss their new ideas or awesome business plans, I always ask the same question: Who else is in the space? The answers are generally the same: "We are unique, one of a kind and have zero competitors. That’s why it’s so great!"

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Having zero competition isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially when there’s millions of entrepreneurs around the world focused on sniffing out potential business opportunities. If your startup is solving such a widespread problem, why aren’t others doing the same thing? Having an enemy is a good thing, and the bigger, the better!

Take Periscope and Meerkat for example. These two apps have recently exploded on the scene, providing a one-touch solution to live stream on the go from mobile devices. The apps debuted at roughly the same time, and now they’re battling to be the biggest and baddest in the industry.

There’s a reason every great business has an enemy to take down, just like every great fairy tale has a villain: it makes for a great story for consumers to buy into. Apple and Uber, for example, both cast themselves against something each company felt wasn’t working: PCs and cabs, respectively.

Enemies are good for business......

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