"The most important thing for me was that my perspective was an honest one. I felt a responsibility to tell a story that was relevant to what I was witnessing." -- Skyler Lawson


Skyler Lawson's Clayfist is a movie for our times. It is an honest take on what it looks like to have society fail you. With a great eye towards the people society has failed. Clayfist covers a lot of ground in 20 minutes but it feels complete. Lawson's film is simply a great piece of art.

In Clayfist Lawson wraps the headlines of today’s America into a complex human face. He deals with cop on black killing, income inequality, the messed up mental health system, and a government bureaucracy that can send you to war way better than it can take care of you health, physically or mentally, when you come back home. There are no easy answers and Lawson doesn't pretend that there are. What he does is show how these issues actually effect are society making it perfectly clear why we have to figure it out.

This film premiered on, one of our favorite sites here at urbanitylife, and they will do follow ups about the making of the film. One juicy tidbit they did leak is that this film was made on a camera that is considered obsolete. More proof that in life what you know is more important than what you have. Anyway enjoy the film below and go to to find out more about this film and filmmaking in general. Enjoy.