'Don't Think I've Forgotten' Cambodian Rock Before Khmer Rouge

"It seemed the only happy person in the Hotel Pennsylvania was a man who'd survived a genocide. The lobby of the Midtown hotel was crawling with tourists, all having apparently come to New York City with too many relatives and suitcases that were much too large. But the Cambodian musician Seang Tana—looking like an aging rock star, in dark jeans, black jacket, cowboy hat, and a shirt unbuttoned to a point worth mentioning—radiated good cheer."

This is how Lauren Oyler starts her trip down memory lane with two artists from Cambodia sharing a little known part of the history of Rock n Roll internationally. 

A story of one of the many ways innocence is lost in during war. And the joy of those who hold the secret things can change because they know how things were before.

A great article from Vice.com about what happens when two of Americas biggest exports, culture and war, collide in the lives of those affected by the Khmer Rouge.