Far Away Grey

By Tiffany Tucker

The way the world has changed makes this narration almost daunting to bring in one's own opinions.  It's so easy to be on either side of the black and white; it can be a slippery slope when sliding into the grey.  Love isn't easy and dating is almost nonexistent.  Text messages have become conversation,  and pics have replaced real time.  As it is now, the world of social media turns true meaning and personal contact into a buffet of likes, memes, pokes, and friend requests. 

Dating isn't dating anymore.  It's making sure the person is who they say they are. The thrill is gone, as they say.  There's no grey, only the color of your screen. As time moves on,  love becomes less likely to many people. Old ways are lost on this new generation.  Chivalry isn't dead. It's obsolete within an era where most can't even spell it—forget utilizing it.

The bedroom eyes, the dozen red roses, and the long walks on the beach have unwittingly been erased by coffee shop meet-and-greets and late-night offers of “come over to my house.”  Deep down, do we really want these things? I think not. Yet, online dating sites have become the norm.  There isn’t any more looking into the eyes of your hopeful. Now, we chat like it’s all a part of the entertainment, never really connecting with each other the way previous generations did it.

The stormy seas of grey where you fall hard and fast for the person that you feel defines you, seem to be drying up like desert sands in faraway lands.  Dare I say, its hard on the heart, and it makes many of us hard-hearted. Checking posts and pages, like spies in the deep of night, is how love is dealt with, causing the true meaning of love to be ignored and relationships that could have blossomed turn into deep wounds that drive wedges between people.

Those looking for the right person see the potential for love all around them, all seemingly in their grasp. They notice it in the eyes of couples that look happy, between held hands, on kissed lips, and embraced by hugs. Yet, and still, they seem to be out of reach of their own reality. Admittedly, it can be a challenge to step out of the hard lines of black and white and stumble into the grey of hope, but it is still possible. It starts with actually getting to know people. Not who they say they are online, or what foolishness is posted. It’s about paying attention to the individual, finding out what makes them laugh, loving how they make you feel, and being able to deduce one important fact: how they really feel about you.  Physical attraction is a wonderful thing, but when you step into the grey area, everything intensifies and although complicated, can make it all worth your while.