Fresh Dressed Official Trailer

Samuel Goldwyn Films & StyleHaul have released this official trailer for Fresh Dressed, a documentary looking back at the history of hip hop/urban fashion. The documentary contains lots of classic footage and interviews from Hip Hop stylish insiders such as Pharrell, Dame Dash, Karl Kani, Kanye West, Sean Combs and many others. It takes a look at the important role being fresh played in the lives of inner city youth and by extension Hip Hop culture. From the trailer it seems to have been made with an energy that parallels the creators and innovators of the hip hop movement. At a time where Hip Hop and street styles have worked there DNA throughout the fashion world, from couture to "street wear" brands and beyond, it’s a good look at those urban kids that changed the world.

Fresh Dressed is directed by Sacha Jenkins and will open in theaters and VOD on June 26th. 

Here is the official trailer for Fresh Dressed: