Freshly Faded Hosts a Tribute to Civil Rights Activists

On December 18, 2015, Deric Banks, owner of Freshly Faded Barbershop, hosted an art exhibit by San Diego High Tech High at his North Park, CA location.


10th grade Humanities teacher Miguel Cembrano inspired his class to be aware of how closely related civil rights struggles of the recent past are connected with current events. Many of his students believed civil rights were historic and didn’t have much relevance. He chose to teach them otherwise.

The students participated in the project by creating string art of civil rights activists along with information of the activists obstacles and accomplishments. The art was sold to raise money. I bought an image of Sojourner Truth.

The hip hop and soul landscape was provided by DJ Deals on the one’s and two’s. Light refreshments were served as people walked around the exhibit.

Freshly Faded is a shining star of culture and style. It’s more than a barbershop. It’s a place that aims to inspire and improve the communities surrounding it. The barbershop sells books, art, clothing, and hair accessories to keep their customers fly.

Next time you plan to be in North Park, CA, schedule an appointment with one of San Diego’s best establishments for improving your style and confidence.

Spurgeon Thomas

Urbanity Life, LLC, San Diego, CA


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