How to become a leader: a changeable moment #urbanitylife #inspiration #howtobecomealeader

Part 1

Today, while I sat down to write a short story about two cops having a conversation about body cameras. I was trying to get through one more podcast before focusing. Roland Martin's discussion about change and leadership totally derailed my train of thought. I reminisced of a moment when I was chosen to take over as the recruit chief petty officer during basic training. It was a changeable momentand relevant to his conversation. #changeablemoment #howtobecomealeader

So instead of writing my short story that is meant to highlight the arguments of opposing sides to enforcing body cameras to be worn on law enforcement at all times, I wrote about navy day. I was eighteen years old and was ordered to start leading 79 recruits like me as their highest is rank. I didn't get into the side of the argument is that the cameras are a violation of privacy. The other cop's argument is that it prevents fraudulent claims of police misconduct.Here is a photo of the hijacking.


(Division four-zero-seven, requesting permission to come through your briyeeyaeets--works?) RCPOs announce the numerical identities of their divisions as they enter into the mess hall--a naval term for cafeteria. Then they request permission for the 65-85 United States Navy recruits to enter the highly polished metal works that corals future sailors through the systems of dietary-indoctrination.



A changeable moment.



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