Hugs and Bags Benefit Concert 2015

Dear Love Movement:

Thank you for providing a platform that serves the neediest. I love the spirit of compassion and empathy within the Hugs and Bags organization founded by Jacqueline Penhos. Homelessness is something that can happen to anyone because the causes are plenty. We all have the potential to lose it all. Sometimes things are lost by the choices we make or don’t. Other times, external circumstances can deplete our resources. Occasionally, depression and love adversely affect livelihoods. But when love is lost, financial leverage is not as important.

There is a rhythm in life. A wave of ups and downs that we must learn how to negotiate like jumping between double dutch ropes. When the wave is down, we have to jump higher. When the wave is up, we must humbly be grateful for those good times and duck so that our wings aren’t burnt by the sun.

Jacky Penhos should be encouraged to keep going, keep serving, and keep thanking. She is chosen to address a noble cause and is commended for it. Her road is hard. There are moments of despair and hopelessness and she prevails. She keeps hugging.

Love is the cure to everything. We can love others more than we love ourselves, but self-love is the root to world peace. A single drop of water results in an outward wave in all directions. Start with self. Love yourself so that others will love themselves as they see their reflection within you.

On February 26, 2015, I attended the Hugs and Bags benefits concert at Queen Bees. The show presented many talented artists and vendors. The host, Poetiic, introduced many talents to the stage, each bringing a confident energy that propels the love movement further. Everyone who performed did an amazing job of helping of raising enough money for another successful 4th Saturday of the month where our homeless neighbors receive such essentials as the following:

o   Toiletries

o   Hair cuts

o   Food

o   Love

o   Manicures

I was asked to speak, but chose not to and instead photographed a few moments. Here are some photos from my vantage point of the star-studded affair.

If you would like to Donate to the Hugs and Bags love movement, please visit Http://

Spurgeon Thomas

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