No Saviors Here: The Second Coming of the Same


By Emerald Apostle

When it comes to the American political system and the politicians who thrive in it, I am straight-up agnostic. After living and voting under both parties for many years, I have concluded there is no difference, which is why we never see real change.

Politicians are elected by "the people” to take care of problems they don’t want resolved. It’s like hiring someone whom is funded by drug cartels to get drugs off the street. Good luck on that working.

In the years since President Barack Hussein Obama entered office, our system has come to a such a stand-still, nothing much is gets done in Washington. Not that this is different from any other time in our history, but today it’s like some elected officials use it as a badge of honor. Any time the President of the United States budget can be rejected sight unseen and have the act justified by people who hold political office, it’s obvious many members of congress no longer work for the American people. Many have specific agendas; they are not hiding it anymore.

Is it any wonder that the American people want change? But really how much change do we really want? I see our country having the representation we deserve; they are who we are—self-centered cry babies who whine when we don’t get our way—only caring about winning at all cost. Even if that cost is our democracy.

This being an election year I have come up with some observations about this game we play every four years and the two gangs that run the racket:

1 There are no saviors.

I get the sense a lot of people are setting themselves up to get disappointed again. When President Obama ran for office, he energized new voters whom were disenfranchised from a system that didn’t work for them. With Mr. Obama, many saw a hope for a different kind of country they wanted to be a part of, one they could believe in. Many voters were ready to begin the reign of a new empire. But guess what, folks: We live in a representative democracy; one man can’t do it all.

Unfortunately, so many that voted didn’t know a lot about how our system works. They had no clear understanding of what a President can actually do. Naturally, they were shocked at how bad Obama performed at the party, not realizing it takes two to tango. If no one will dance with the President, it doesn’t matter how good he can dance.

I see the same thing now in how people talk about why they support Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or even Ted Cruz. They feel they are supporting someone special, a candidate with super powers. One who will stand for truth, justice, and the American way. A candidate that they know with all their heart, if he can just get into office, will change the world.

That type of feeling gives the President expectations he cannot live up to. The President of the United States doesn’t have that type power.

Plus, the Republican Party has already given the blue print on how to jerk your country and stay in office, and I’m sure both sides, Republican and Democrat, won’t be afraid to use the same tactics in the future.


2 They're all establishment.

Ted Cruz – Senator, Hillary Clinton- Secretary of State and Senator, Donald Trump- Business Mogul, Bernie Sanders- Senator:  No matter what they tell you, there all establishment candidates.

3 Down with the old game, long live the old game.

I know all politicians pander, that comes with the job, but some just are not that good at it. I think what is hurting Hillary Clinton the most is her inability to wow people with her sincerity. Her selling point is I’ve been there I know the game, in a time that everyone doesn’t want to play the game anymore.

That doesn’t mean that the other candidates on both sides aren’t playing the game. It just means people can’t see through them as easily. And that will go a long way to getting into the White House. We want to see sincerity, even in a class of people (politicians), we don’t believe have it.

4 Disrespect is a virtue.

Thanks to Hip Hop and its love child fox news, people actually pride themselves on how ignorant and disrespectful they can be. It is all about keeping it real, I mean non p.c. Somehow respect for a differing view point has become a sign of weakness. And “I’m just telling it like it is” has prefaced some of the most nasty and vile statements; as if that makes It better. This is a part of the “new America” I don’t see change coming anytime soon.

5 You can be Christian and not believe in Christ.

Conservative fundamentalist have to know their political views would put them more in line with the Romans than the followers of Christ. If they don’t they need to dust of their bibles and read them a little bit closer. Besides, do we really expect Conservatives to follow someone who in all reality looks closer to Charlie Hebdo’s picture of Prophet Muhammad than Pat Robertson?

Jesus in this current climate would have a hard time getting on a plane to see his followers in the USA.

7 We want to feel special again.

A lot of our problems in America come from our lack of self esteem. We talk a good game about being the best but look at the numbers (something we are not good at) we are not the best. And deep down we know this, we just don’t know why. And that is what scares us, that is our worst fear.

It’s a fear that makes many hate the “others.” If you look through our history as a country you will see no matter what group we ostracize it was always for the same reason, fear of losing what we have to people we don’t know.

So called political outsiders are all the rage this political season because the “establishment” has failed to make us still feel special.  So that new guy that makes us feel pretty again becomes really attractive.

The candidate that can give that feeling to the most people will probably be the next President of the United States of America.

Just don’t expect anything to change.


Emerald Apostle was raised all through Southern California by two loving post revolutionary parents. He currently lives in San Diego, CA where he constantly works at coming to terms with the biggest forces in his life growing up: family, religion, history, music, Kung Fu, moving constantly and a passion for the fast life. Emerald spent many years promoting events and performing as a rapper throughout Southern California and Georgia. While working towards his creative ambitions he simultaneously worked for a large corporation and eventually got married.  After dealing with a series of unexpected deaths Emerald came to the conclusion he had to stop running from who he was and finally live up to what he had become; a writer. This revelation compelled him to make sure his life’s work would touch more than just the bottom line of corporate America. With a renewed sense of purpose he began to write about race, culture, politics, and following your dreams in uncertain times, plus whatever else came to mind. He is currently working on a comic book and a novel.