My American Success Story:Daymond John

"Founded in 1992, FUBU became synonymous with hip-hop. But the glitz belied the brand’s humble beginnings. John started off by sewing sweatshirts and hats in the living room of the house where he was raised by his single mom. Against the odds, his clothing line and the music he loved, became ubiquitous.

Now, he’s the face of American entrepreneurship, managing a multi-million dollar empire that encompasses fashion, media, philanthropy -- even a monthly shaving club. Most recently, President Obama named him “Global Ambassador of Entrepreneurship” -- a move John says he never could have imagined when he was growing up."

This is how CNN begins this very inspirational installment of "My American Success Story." They interview the man and through photography and first person introspection tell John's story of "making it."

I personally have never been a fan of FUBU but that’s not the point; he made it on his terms. And because of that he is in a position to light the way for others. In the end that is all we really aspire to do in the first place. 

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