On To The Next: Why Can't Stay Together?

My longest relationship lasted five years. Half a decade. That’s a solid chunk of time any way you look at it, and though the relationship ultimately didn’t work out, I can honestly say we went in with grit and determination. We worked through problems and didn’t give up until it was absolutely necessary.

But the mini relationships I’ve had since then? They typically last about three weeks before the wheels start to fall off. I realize I’m not that into it or something else goes wrong. While my non-single friends are always thoroughly entertained by my dating horror stories, the reality of what it’s like to be single in 2015 can actually be sort of depressing to think about.
— Lauren Levine

Lauren Levine tackles what may be truly holding us back in forging better and longer relationships. This article is a great look into why we can't just “get along.” She touches on a lot of the points I make to people who ask me  for relationship advice. The main thing I got from her article is the realization we don't know what a bad relationship is anymore.

No one would argue with anyone wanting to leave an abusive relationship, or one where you just are not compatible, but the truth of the matter is we give up way too soon. It's as if any discomfort,  any effort that takes us out of what we see as perfect is considered bad, and so we leave. And when we give up that easy, as the old saying goes, you leave a lot of money on the table.

No one can ever be perfect and a relationship without any challenges is not going to help you grow. As a rule if you’re not being abused stick it out a little longer. Not only will you grow as a person but if you vetted your significant other well enough you probably will find yourself happy after the rain...or not.

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