Someone was hurt before you;
wronged before you;
beaten before you;
humiliated before you;
raped before you;
yet, someone SURVIVED
— Maya Angelou


Our society is obsessed with spreading blame. We are great at acknowledging the reasons we are not living up to our potential, why something isn't possible, what we owe, and who is at fault, for the life that we live.

The crazy thing is we are probably right. With out a doubt, some people will wish us harm. A lot of parents were neglectful. People will see you as dumb, stupid, or inferior. And, oh yes, some people are out to get you.

Ask yourself how does that help you? The fact of the matter is the truth will not always set you free. Truth, more often than not, keeps us grounded in mediocrity. Truth can breed helplessness and a since of apathy. It is not lack of truth that hurts us. It is lack of faith. Faith is defined as (1): firm belief in something for which there is no proof, (2): complete trust, and (3): something that is believed, especially with strong conviction.

In a nutshell, faith is belief--belief in an outcome even when circumstance would suggest otherwise. Faith in your journey is one of the biggest factors in success. It is the magnet that attracts people to you. It is the thirst that will not be quenched until satisfied. As controversial as this might sound, I know that truth is never as important as belief. Trust me, the world being round will not stop someone who believes it is flat from staying away from the edge. If you believe aliens are working for the CIA you will act accordingly and nothing I do will convince you to take the tin foil off you fitted cap. What moves people to action is their faith and belief. I'm not going to even try.

Belief will get you in the game. And that is my goal, to get you in the game. Picture this: Usain Bolt at the starting blocks for the 100 yard dash. His opponent: a man with no legs. Who won that race? Most people would say Bolt. If you are like most people and follow conventional wisdom, as a legless man in a foot race, would you even enter the race? Common sense allows us to believe that we know what will happen next.  I mean your the legless man in a foot race. You know whats going to happen.

But what if you truly believed you could beat the fastest man in the world? That puts you in the race. You're not only in the game, now you are a contender. That will at the very least guarantee you'll make it to the finish line. Even if the fastest man in the world beats you. And if you win, think about what you had to overcome to be number 1.

That, my friends, is life. Everyone in the race does not have the same start. And just like in my analogy, many people struggle with dropping out because of it. However, if your faith keeps you in the race, I promise you that you will make it to the finish line. You never know, you just might win the race.

Now this isn't a diss to Usain Bolt, or any other top contender you may face in life. You not having legs, or any other type of hindrance is not his responsibility nor his fault. Just because he has the advantage of legs--or a degree, or money, a privileged lifestyle, or any other advancement doesn't mean he didn't work hard for what he accomplished. It would be ignorant of him to not acknowledge he has an advantage in the race, but that's life and things aren't fair.

What in life is fair? As I reflect on Mrs. Angelou's words, I realize fair doesn't decide the outcome; in this world, it never has. I know, without a doubt, our minds can transcend all that we have been through. We can SURVIVE. And with a foundation of faith that is unshakeable, we can win. Our belief will not allow anything less.

Stay up, and stay blessed.