That's How They Get You: Report Shows How The NYPD Hassles Minorities

"It starts off with what seems like a simple crime, if you can even call these things "crimes" with a straight face. Riding a bike on the sidewalk. Jumping a turnstile to avoid paying a subway fare. Putting a sticker on a scaffold. Even jaywalking. The idea behind broken window policing is to crack down on these small offenses—hand out summonses, or handcuff the criminals—and, by doing so, prevent the larger crimes. Fix the broken window in the neighborhood, and the neighborhood will know disorder is not tolerated."

This is how starts there look at the policies of the New York City Police Department and its effect on the communities they "serve." The article starts with a little bit of the history of the policies of the NYPD and how the implementations of these policies affect mostly communities of color.

This is a great look into what happens when police are green lighted to harass the citizens they are sworn to protect. An excellent read from the good people at VICE.

Full Article Here