The Stanford Prison Experiment

"Under no circumstances whatsoever are you to physically assault the prisoners in any way."

IFC Films released the first trailer for The Stanford Prison Experimentan adaptation of the very influential 70's psychological experiment.

The actual Stanford Prison Experiment showed how eager randomly selected people accepted their new role as either a prison guard or prisoner, and how both sides dealt with those who rebelled against their new "role" in the experiment. The experiment got out of hand pretty quickly and was shut down after just six days of escalating abuse.

The movie has a great ensemble cast including: Billy Crudup, Ezra Miller, Michael Angarano, Tye Sheridan, Thomas Mann, Keir Gilchrist, Johnny Simmons & Olivia Thirlby. From the looks of the trailer they nailed it. The trailer does a great job of documenting how unsettling and disturbing this experiment had to be for the participants. All I know is if you feel this way watching it living it must have been crazy.

The Stanford Prison Experiment is directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez (Easier with Practice, C.O.G) and will be released in select theaters July 17th.