What Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, And Mark Zuckerberg Have In Common

If you're constantly obsessing over the lives of the business elite, it's hard to become the leader you're meant to be.

To many times in our society we worship at the cult of success. A place where all is right in the world because wise business leaders, through their infinite wisdom and great decision making, keep order in a society that would fail without them. We see the fruits of their drive and ambition and somehow place morality as one of their virtues simply for being successful. And then we do our best to follow in their shadows hoping some of the cool will be ours to keep.

Truth is it never will be your coolness no matter how long you stay in the shade. We have to step out of the shadows and face the risk of getting sunburned so we may become giants ourselves; able to provide shade for anyone following after us. That is the only way it works.

This article from Inc.com dissects what we should all aspire to as business leaders. And how idolizing captains of industry can hurts us, especially when we idolize someone whose life doesn’t align with the goals we have for  ourselves. In the end that is the real reason we comb through the lives of these grate women and men in the first place; to find our way from the truth of their paths.

You can read the article here