Who Is More Likely To Cheat ?

If only we had a way to know if we were about to get cheating on? University of Connecticut professor Christin Munsch attempted to answer just that question. And according to the study he published in American Sociological Reviewits all about the Benjamin’s.

Both men and women who are dependent on their partner financially are more likely to cheat; men being three times more inclined to do so. Women who were totally dependent financially on their mate had 5.2% probability of cheating, compared to 3.4% for those who brought home equal income. For completely financially dependent men, the probability of cheating was 15%.

Men actually cheated less when they brought home 70% of the couples combined income. Cheating increased from their though as men who were the sole provider had a 4% chance of cheating

The moral of the story is make sure your mate has something more to do with their time than spending your money.