Women Are Cheating More Often


The General Social Survey, a Biennial study that collects information on cultural trends, finds that women are more likely to cheat now than when they first started the survey back in 1972. The responses from 70,000 men and women in committed relationship to the MSNBC.com/iVillage survey, showed the same trend as well.

There are several different reasons being offered to explain this upward trend in cheating women. One of the biggest is just the fact more women are in the workplace with more opportunity to find potential partners than before. Women are also more independently financially stable making them less likely to worry about the repercussions of being caught and left out to dry. Science is also starting to suggest women have sex drives just as high as men. This leads to my favorite and most probable theory; women have been underreporting their affairs in greater numbers than men have. Some of the interesting findings from the survey are:

  • Between 1991 and 2010, the percentage of women who have reported having an extramarital affair has increased by 4.1%, from 10.6% to 14.7%. As for men, there has been little change in the percentage of those who have reported cheating.
  • The percentage difference between men and women reporting cheating spiked to 12% in 2000 and has been in the single digits ever since.
  • Nearly half of all men and women have cheated on a significant other at some point in their lives.
  • Around 35% of men and women cheated with a co-worker.

The Infidelity Gap is Closing