Boko Haram Claims Abduction of Nigerian Girls

Boko Haram translated from Hausa to English is “Western education is sinful.” That is the name of the jihadist group that claims responsibility for the abduction of 276 Nigerian girls. Abubakar Shekau, the group’s leader, said, “I abducted your girls… I will sell them in the market, by Allah” during a 57-minute video on Sunday, 04 May, 2014.

According to Boko Haram, the girls were kidnapped to reiterate messages that are counter-culture to the West. Messages like girls shouldn’t be learning, but instead should be faithfully serving their families as wives and mothers. The Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, is accused of not being capable of handling Boko Haram. 

Who can they depend on? This extreme tactic is not-so-polarizing among most of the world’s population. So where is all the coverage? I’ve heard more about the atrocities on my Facebook newsfeed than on my television. My friends and I haven’t discussed this once. It isn’t a topic of discussion at the barbershop. Nobody at work has uttered a sound. But, I have heard of Donald Sterling. I have heard of the impending NFL draft. 

Social media has lit up with questions of why this isn’t more prevalent in the media. What would happen if this happened in your neighborhood? Would you go out into the community to demand their return? Would you comb the community in search of them? Would you staple flyers on wooden telephone poles that read, “Have you seen them?” Or would you turn the other cheek and continue to “do you?” 

If you want to contribute to the social media buzz (post your paper flyer), you can use the following hashtag delimiter on your social media networks.


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